The Three islands of the MED

Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica

Mediterranean Mosaic  2 – 20 June 2020

19 Day Adventure Odyssey and The Inspired Traveller offers the three most beautiful Mediterranean Islands: The Mediterranean Mosaic Tour


2 – 9 June

Sicily is more than an island. Discover Sicily and you discover European history. The world’s first multicultural society, Sicily is Italy’s (and Europe’s) most historically cosmopolitan region, having been ruled by Asians, Africans and Europeans. Sicily is black and white and a million shades of gray. The island is abundant with unique art, archeology, history, folklore and breathtaking scenery, and marvellous food.


9 -14 June

Historically diverse and culinarily interesting, Sardinia offers a rich spectrum of experiences from sailing in crystal waters framed by the highest cliffs of the Med to dancing and dining with shepherds who will prepare a traditional mountain feast.

Explore 4000BC Nugharic ruins before a sumptuous seafood meal on the water’s edge. The tour navigates its way through Sardinia’s rugged mountains and charming coastline, stopping to savour the exquisite flavours and taste the impressive wines the island is famous for.


17 – 23 June

The island’s fierce independence and pride coupled with the fact that it has never experienced an industrial revolution has ensured its ubiquitous unspoiled beauty and charm. It boasts rugged peaks and stunning gorges as well as unique flora and fauna.

The charismatic Patrimonio wine region is regarded for its lovely wines. Authentic flavours are derived from produce that is still largely organic, and peasant traditions live on in dishes such as smoked chicken from wild pigs fattened on chestnuts, sardines stuffed with brocciu (fresh ricotta), cooked and served by interesting local characters.

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