The Med Tour

The Three Islands of the Mediterranean: Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica

2 – 20 June 2020

Three of the most beautiful islands in the world in one tour. You can do all three islands or the island of your choice.

Summer Isles of Eden, lying in an emerald sphere of sea (apologies to Lord Alfred Tennyson).

Welcome to our tour to this exciting destination:- Entree to many Mediterranean marvels, the 19 day Tour includes Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica, islands lying to the west of Italy and an unusual destination for many.

These sun-kissed islands, are full of the flavours of cingale (wild boar), polenta with brocciu (made with chestnut flour and fresh Corsican Ricotta), capretto (kid meat) and wonderful wines. This Tour offers many insights and off the beaten-trails discovering cultures steeped in history, charming architecture, and wonderful traditional dishes. Not to mention of course, bathing in warm, emerald waters which lap onto some of the most idyllic beaches in the Mediterranean.

Immense diversity is represented by these wonderful islands, the richness of civilizations and cultures that have left their imprimatur, the delicious variety of cuisine, rugged and dramataic landscapes, and an alluring romance.

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