Portugal Discovered 25 April – 8 May 2020

14 Days

Portugal Discovered is an ideal immersion into the very best of Portuguese culture and history and a wonderful exploration into the rich harvest of food and wine it has to offer.

The tour will be 13 nights/14 days duration and will be fully escorted by Sarah Stegley of The Inspired Traveller.

The least changed and least spoiled country on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal offers the visitor fabulous landscapes of wildflowers, olives and cork, the entire history of Western civilisation in microcosm, a European country on the cusp of immense change, a courtly and passionate people of great charm, and the most gorgeous historic Pousadas and stunning manor houses.

The Portuguese excel at regional cuisine. Coffee and bread are universally fabulous. Cakes and desserts are irresistible. Fish and Seafood come freshly caught from the cold crisp Atlantic Sea. Wild boar, baby goat (cabrito) and sweet suckling pig are stand out meats. Charcuterie and mountain cheeses are quite unique.

Portugal is a huge country disguised as a small one, only 560 km north to south and 220 km east to west, with over 800kms of Atlantic coastline, Portugal is as diverse and as impressive as any country anywhere in the world.

This will be our 24 th year touring Portugal, and even though we know it intimately, we know there are still many new discoveries in store.

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“Much have I travelled in the realms of gold,
and many goodly states and Kingdoms seen…..”
John Keats (1795 – 1821)