Kasbahs, Rugs, Ancient Sites, Oases, Souks, Delicious Food, Cooking School, Safari -like Travel and Medinas, all make up a carefully drawn portrait of this strikingly beautiful land.

The accommodation in Marrakech and Essaouria will be in world famous luxury riads and in the best possible available accommodation in the south and Saharan Provinces.

Richly flavoured Moroccan cuisine is a mixture of Berber, Arabic and Andalusian traditions. Couscous and tanjines made with lamb, poultry and fish are ubiquitous. The bread and olive oil are reason enough to visit Morocco. A morning cooking school and visit to the Marrakech food market early in the tour will be a good introduction to the best eating in Morocco.

Berber Tribes: The silver and gold jewellery and decoration, the tribal clothing, the desert architecture and picnics in palm lined oasis will all be accessed in a few wonderfully adventurous days of 4 wheel drive travel in the Saharan provinces.

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