Itinerary and Costs

Days 1 & 2


2 Nights

Arrive in Broome from your home port.

Broome is Western Australia’s secret getaway – right on the Indian Ocean’s doorstep and the gateway to Australia’s last frontier of pristine wilderness – the Kimberley. From its rough and tumble, romantic pearling history to the cosmopolitan character of Chinatown, to the turquoise waters, red sandstone cliffs and the endless expanse of white sand at Cable Beach, the colours and moods of Broome will capture your soul.

Broome owes its existence to the ‘Pinctada Maxima’ – the world’s largest pearl oyster shell – discovered in Roebuck Bay in 1861. The giant pinctada shells caused a sensation overseas and soon a melting pot of nationalities flocked to the shores of Broome in the hope of making their fortune. Japanese, Malays and Koepangers joined the Aboriginal pearl divers, whilst the Chinese became the shopkeepers in town. Today, remnants of Broome’s exotic past are everywhere.

Tonight a welcome dinner at McAlpine House.

OVERNIGHT Mc Alpine House


McAlpine House was built in 1910 for Pearling Master Herbert Kennedy.

Made in the traditional and unique architectural style of Broome, from corrugated iron and timber with spacious, latticed verandahs, the house has an ambience of tranquillity and comfort.

In the late 1990’s, the house once again became a pearler’s home, being purchased by Marilynne Paspaley, a member of the successful Paspaley family who have been master pearlers in Broome and the Kimberley since the 1930’s.

Relax in Broome’s balmy climate in an oasis of tranquility set in a tropical garden. The dark wooden furniture, the cane sofas and chairs make you feel part of a Somerset Maugham novel.

McAlpine House

Day 2

Discover Broome with an exciting insight into the history of the South Seas pearling industry.

Special dinner at Cable Beach Club with a guest speaker, one of the local characters.

OVERNIGHT Mc Alpine House.

Day3 – Day 8

Kimberley Coastal Crusing

6 Nights

Kimberley Expedition on board the “True North” 6 Day Cruise


The TRUE NORTH is a fully air conditioned luxury cruise expedition vessel with all private en-suite cabins, and is equipped with a helipad. It is custom built for the remote Kimberley region and its purpose built hull allows easy access to the remote untouched places of the unique Kimberley region.

This 6 day expedition is the ultimate adventure cruising experience; it takes in the best of the Kimberley region and allows our group the time to truly unwind and relax aboard the TRUE NORTH. The cruiser has 4 custom built 5 metre Barra punts, equipped with depth sounders, 2 way radios and 85hp outboard motors to explore the large river systems, tidal creeks and water ways of the remote Kimberley region. These large inland water ways are teeming with fish and the ever-famous Kimberley Barramundi which can be skilfully caught in the tidal creeks.

Water lilies, majestic ferns and many species of birds are abundant along with the salt-water crocodiles.

The cruise offers plenty of opportunities for guests to participate in shore excursions, exploring the rivers, gorges, ancient Aboriginal rock art and the famous Bradshaw drawings. Throughout the expedition the ancient history that lies behind the Kimberley region will be revealed. There is of course always the opportunity to cool off in one of the regions many fresh water rock pools or waterfalls each day, depending on the tide and weather conditions at the time. The Cruiser has an extensive onboard library ranging from historical Kimberley books and texts to general novels and magazines.

There is also a DVD and CD library. They also provide specialised fishing gear (on an “if lost replace basis”) and will have a substantial range for our group whilst we are on board.

The experienced crew, will always be on hand to share with us their extensive knowledge of the flora and fauna of this ancient land. They take pride in personalised service and have a commitment to deliver the holiday of a lifetime – The Ultimate Kimberley Experience.

TRUE NORTH will accommodate our group in a full range of cabins, all with their own private en-suite facilities and separate air conditioning.

The following itinerary is to give you a general overview. However, during the cruise we will experience many more spectacular places not listed on the itinerary and there will be lots of opportunities to catch fresh fish for the table as well as land and sight seeing excursions to many untouched places.

Day 3

Broome to Sea.

The next six days are spent exploring many of the Kimberley Region’s islands and inland waterways.

Careening Bay, Bigge Island

Visit Careening Bay, site of an ancient Boab tree first visited in 1820 which was carved by Phillip Parker-King one of our earliest explorers (easy walk) then cruise north to Bigge Island one of the Kimberley’s largest Island. Continue on to explore the islands pristine beaches before heading back to TRUE NORTH to relax with your favourite wine or beer and watch as another spectacular sunset sinks below the Kimberley horizon.

Day 4

St George Basin, Prince Regent River, King Cascades

A day full of adventure as we visit the St George Basin (one of the Kimberley’s largest inland waterways) before cruising up the Prince Regent River. This powerful river runs so straight; it’s hard to believe it is a natural watercourse. Arriving at the King Cascades, we are able to admire the contrasting colours of the red rocks, lush vegetation and blue Kimberley skies. The water falls in breathtaking tiers and it’s possible to climb above the falls to swim in the multitude of crystal-clear rock pools (medium walk and climb).

Day 5

Camden Sound, Kuri Bay, Brecknack Harbour, Settlers’ Grave Sites

This morning we set out towards Camden Sound, the site of a 19th-century sheep farming settlement formed by early Victorian settlers. In this rugged setting and harsh climate, the settlement failed and the farmers left the Kimberley for the Pilbara region. We then pass through Kuri Bay, home to the Kimberley region’s largest pearling operation. At Brecknack Harbour, we visit the old settlers’ graves and soak up the local history (easy walk).

Day 6

Sale River, Montgomery Reef

Today we cruise inland to explore the first of the big rivers, the Sale River. The Sale River is surrounded by rarely visited Kunmunya Aboriginal Land; we step into the Cruiser’s tenders for an excursion up this impressive river and disembark to walk amid an ancient patch of rainforest admire the surroundings or take a dip in the rainforest pools before returning to the Cruisers (easy level walk). We then

continue on to visit the amazing Montgomery Reef. As the tide falls, a waterfall effect is created over the reef platform, which eventually becomes exposed to create a magical lagoon teeming with sea life and many species of sea birds and turtles.

Day 7

Talbot Bay Region

This morning we cruise by Whirlpool Pass and into Yampi Sound further exploration takes us past the infamous Cockatoo Island. We stop to explore Crocodile Creek, where there are pretty waterfalls and a freshwater swimming hole (easy level walk).

Next we venture on to one of the icons of the Kimberley Coast, the magnificent

Horizontal Waterfalls. The region’s 12 metre tides create a spectacular scene, sending huge volumes of water crashing through the narrow chasm in the cliff face. Board one of the TRUE NORTH tenders and head in for an up-close and an exhilarating ride through this natural phenomenon.

Day 8

Buccaneer Archipelago Region

This morning enjoy a scrumptious breakfast whilst cruising past Cape Leveque at the tip of the Dampier Peninsular. Marvel at the spectacular surrounds of the Thousand islands whilst cruising through the Buccaneer Archipelago past the King Sound and into Stickland Bay. Cool off with a refreshing fresh water swim at the Kruiguin River Waterfalls (medium level walk) with the opportunity to try your hand at Kimberley sports fishing or laze about the sundeck in the late afternoon.

Day 9

Fishing and cruising as we approach Broome.

Arrive in Broome for flight to Kununurra in the Northern Territory.

From here light aircraft will take you on a scenic tour of the famed, Bungle-Bungles, the Kimberley diamond mine and the mighty Ord River and dam. The planes will then fly into Bullo River Station.

Day 10 & 11

Bullo River Outback Cattle Station

2 Nights

The homestead is located on a half million acres of wilderness in the Northern Territory. The front gate is 80 kms from the homestead and the nearest neighbor 2 hours away! So remote is this region that there are waterholes and aboriginal art that have remained unseen and untouched for hundreds of years.

The station is easily reached by light aircraft giving you the chance to admire the escarpments and gorges that dot the vast emptiness of the Kimberley. Marlee Ranacher grew up on the station and she and her husband, Franz, now manage the property and its 8,000 head of cattle. The mood here is relaxed – you can choose to explore this vast area or join in the daily operations of a genuine working cattle station.

A separate block of 12 ensuite rooms, each with double doors opening to the outside, overhead fan and air-conditioning, adjoins the homestead. The main homestead is spacious and well designed. Dinner is served in the homestead dining room with typical station dining. There is a swimming pool at the homestead.

Activities include exploring the crocodile infested Bullo River, with excellent barramundi fishing, and where hidden gorges reflect deep red colours and reveal ancient aboriginal rock paintings. Picnic lunch has been organized, in conjunction with a Bullo River Gorge boat cruise.

Station activities will also be of interest.

Wildlife includes birdlife at Leslie Lake, dingoes, kangaroos and wallabies and up to 500 buffalo are resident on the station.

Aboriginal dancers will be flown in from Port Keats for an evening corroboree.

Day 12


1 Night

A charter flight will uplift the tour from Bullo River Station and fly to Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory.

We will spend valuable time with the Paspaleys while in Darwin.

Paspaley is the largest pearlier in Australia and produces the world’s largest pearls. In a business worth an estimated $150 million a year, Paspaley is responsible for well over half the pearls produced.

Darwin is also home to some of the best Aboriginal Art Galleries in Australia. There are always beautiful works for sale.

Dinner tonight in Darwin’s best restaurant, it will be quite a shock to be back in a city / big town.

Overnight at Saville Park Suites.

Day 13 & 14

Maningrida and Private Luxury

2 Nights

A charter flight to the famous Aboriginal settlement of Maningrida, where we will be met by long time Outback Safari operator, Sab Lord. The history of the settlement and it’s art and weaving will be explained. Lunch at the settlement before taking to the sky again for the last leg into a Private Paradise.

This is a total experience of wilderness.

Situated on the Cobourg Peninsula, Northern Territory Australia, within one of the most magnificent and untouched tropical areas in the world. The Cobourg Peninsula is part of Aboriginal Arnhem Land, where entry is by permit only and extremely limited.

The Parks conserve a mosaic of sandy beaches, dunes and associated coastal grasslands, mangroves, rainforest patches, swamps, lagoons, coral reefs, sea grass meadows and rich marine life.

The Cobourg Marine Park protects several rare species, including the Dugong and marine turtles – Loggerhead, Hawksbill, Green, Olive Ridley, Leatherback and Flatback Turtles.

The area also has an interesting ancient and contemporary history. Archaeologists generally agree that Aboriginal people have been living in the area for 40,000 years.

The Parks lie within the clan estates of the Iwaidja speaking peoples of western Arnhem Land. Custodianship is shared between four Aboriginal clan groups, the Agalda, Ngaindjagar, Madjunbalmi and Muran.

Activities:Fishing, beach walks, birding and safaris.

Day 15

Darwin and End of Tour

Afternoon Charter flight back to Darwin. As the direct flights to Sydney depart Darwin late at night, dinner will be served at the hotel, before boarding the flight.

Depart Darwin for Sydney or elsewhere.

End of Tour

This Itinerary is the Copyright of The Inspired Traveller. We reserve the right to alter the itinerary at any time, in the best interests of our clients, in the event that exciting new excursions, accommodations, restaurants or artisans are discovered, and in circumstances beyond our control

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