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“It is not on any map, true places rarely are.”

How do you know if you’re a traveller? What are the telltale signs? As with most compulsions, the proof is you can’t stop. You’re hooked.

One sure sign of travellers is their relationship to maps. I’ve always loved maps, but in travelling more I’ve understood that the map is not the territory.

My mother was never concerned about my wanderings, she never pictured me lost! I returned to Australia in my mid -20’s and settled in the Howqua Valley in the High Country of Victoria.

The hospitality and travel industry have consumed the last 40 years of my life. What a feast it’s been.

With my company, The Inspired Traveller, the excitement and joy of journeys and discoveries with new travellers, and those who have travelled with me before, is the dedicated direction of my life’s compass.

Those travelling with The Inspired Traveller do so knowing they are travelling with a company that has insight, clarity and focus about why, where, and how to travel.

Dedicated small group travel, plays a big role in surmounting obstacles to travelling meaningfully in times of mass tourism.

Come with The Inspired Traveller

See the wonders, but be safe.

Connect, do it differently with style and purpose.

Join our specially selected team that assist with arrangements in each destination. The chosen countries combine the wonders of the world of travel and my personal favourites. They are places you will see in-depth, where the voices of those who live there will be heard clearly. These destinations and experiences are offered with knowledge, vitality, passion and inspiration.

Welcome to The Inspired Traveller!

Sarah Stegley

“A map is not the territory”

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