The Team

Our small travel company requires the resources and varied skills of numerous people all over the world, to make our tours life renewing adventures.

Meet some of the team

Sonia Dioguardi


Three Med Islands

Sonia born of Sicilian parents speaks Italian & French and assists with tour management and client comfort. When not travelling Sonia is a ski instructor in both Australia and France. Sonia lives near Mt Buller in Victoria.

Fatih Babaoglu



We have developed a marvellous relationship with our preferred guide in Turkey. A proud Turk, Fatih is quite beyond compare. A PhD in Archaeology from Ankara University, Fatih's thesis' site was Kaunos, founded in the 9th C and a reflection of both the Carian and Lycian civilizations in the Dalyan Delta. Annually, he continues his research, particularly at Patara.

Erudite, knowledgeable, humorous, he is also a bon viveur, great food lover, an excellent host whose care for our guests always goes beyond the call of duty. He enlivens his culture at every turn and is wonderful company.

Carlos Bernardo



Carlos speaks Portuguese and Spanish and his love of his homeland, and his knowledge of Portugal’s culture, music, football and backroads makes for a real insight into the Iberian Peninsula.



Giampaolo Mura


Sardinia-off shore

Giampaolo lives and sails in Sardinia. His beautiful yacht the “Dovesesto” he captains with skill and looks after his guests with charm and humour. Sardinia is an island that must be experienced by journeying on land and sea.


Leander Borg


Leander was born in Swakopmund, Namibia, some 40 years ago. He studied BA at the University of Stellenbosch and then ventured to Europe where he spent two years working in Munich, Germany. This is where he was introduced to the eco-tourism industry. One rainy winter's day the yearning for the African sun was so strong that he packed his bags and after working in South Africa, eventually relocated back to Namibia. Leander personally assists with all the details of our adventures in Namibia. Father of three, Leander is fluent in Afrikaans, English and German.


"Keep moving Steam, or Gas or Stage,

Hold, cabin, steerage, heencoop's cage -

Tour, Journey, Voyage, Lounge, Ride Walk,

Skim, Sketch, Excursion, Travel-talk -

For move you must! 'Tis now the rage,

The law and fashion of the Age."

Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834)
from 'The Delinquent Travellers'


2017 & 2018 TOURS

February 2017 Regal and Tribal Rajasthan

April 2017 Inspiring Japan

June 2017 3 Med Islands: Sicily Sardinia Corsica

NEW TOUR August 2017 Sri Lanka: Smooth as Silk

June/July 2018 Ireland: The Treasures

NEW TOUR July 2018 East Africa: The Wonder

NEW TOUR Nov 2018 Myanmar: The Magical

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