Regal and Tribal Rajasthan

This Program offers up classic Rajasthan.

On this exceptional 14-day tour the most obscure doors are opened to us enabling you

to experience the rarefied elegance and traditions of a by-gone, opulent princely lifestyle.

Regal and Tribal Rajasthan

3-16 Feb 2017

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Inspiring Japan in Springtime

31 March - 17 April 2017 18 Day Discovery tour of Japan in Springtime

Standing at the far eastern end of the silk road Japan is a world apart - there is nowhere in my recent travel life that is more rewarding. Japan gives on all the high points, on all the reasons we choose to leave home and travel.

Japan's Spirit is strong ,warm and welcoming.

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The Med Tour


19 Days of Wonder

2 - 20 June 2017

Three of the most beautiful islands in the world in one tour. You can do all three islands or the island of your choice.

Immense diversity is represented by these wonderful islands, the richness of civilizations and cultures that have left their imprimatur, the delicious variety of cuisine, rugged and dramatic landscapes, and an alluring beauty that will stay with you.

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20 June to 3 July 2018

Ireland, an enduring landscape of astounding natural beauty covered with traces of ancient pagan and monastic remnants and roaming sheep.

Forests of lilac-flowering rhododendrons cascading down gray granite rock-faces. Dense hedgerows of fuchsia with red flowers like flickering candles lining endlessly winding country roads.

Well-kept villages and lovely Georgian architecture painted in a unique, vibrant palate of colours. Coastlines and headlands in the South and West regions. Country House Hotels and guesthouses.

This 14 Day tour takes in some of Ireland's great Treasures and great People.

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2017 & 2018 TOURS

February 2017 Regal and Tribal Rajasthan

April 2017 Inspiring Japan

June 2017 3 Med Islands: Sicily Sardinia Corsica

NEW TOUR August 2017 Sri Lanka: Smooth as Silk

June/July 2018 Ireland: The Treasures

NEW TOUR July 2018 East Africa: The Wonder

NEW TOUR Nov 2018 Myanmar: The Magical

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